Why Dig... When you can do this!

The How and Why of Pipe Reline.


Using the existing drain or pipe, a new reinforced epoxy resin pipe is placed inside the existing drain. the epoxy pipe conforms to the existing drains size and path. The epoxy pipe is allowed to set (cure). The Result, there is a new, strong and seamless pipe inside of the old one! a.k.a Pipe or Drain Relining

Drainwise Relining

Here at Drainwise we use the best quality and most versatile pipe relining systems available. This means we can offer you the the most cost effective solution to fix your broken drains.

The relining process can usually take place from existing access points in your drainage system, which means no digging. You will not even notice we have been there once the job is completed.

No Drain too Tricky.

What can we reline?
  • Multiple Bends
  • Any size pipes from 50mm to 500mm
  • Junctions.. yes reline entire junctions!
  • P-Traps, no more digging up your Shower floor!
  • Missing sections of drain, the liner is strong enough to span void sections!
  • Chemical Drains, we can custom design high chemical resistant epoxy resins.

Got Questions? Give us a call, we love talking about relining! 1800 354 022


For many years the only way to fix drains, was to dig them up and replace the affected sections. This method is still widely used, its major disadvantage is that it creates huge disruption to the area where the drain is located, especially when the drain is under driveways, landscaping, Bathrooms and Retaining walls!

Do you really want this to be your yard?

Is there a better alternative to digging up your property to fix your Drain? YES!

Introducing the future of Pipe Repair

Pipe Relining - No Dig Pipe Repair

Pipe Relining is Fast becoming the preferred way to Rehabilitate broken drains and for good reason.

Advantages of Pipe Relining:

  • No excavating expensive surfaces.
  • No joints or weak points in relined section of pipe.
  • Much less downtime to repair drains or pipes.
  • Increased flow rate over most existing pipes.

Relining your drains can save you money and avoid disruption to your property. It is truly a valuable proposition to fix your Drainage woes.

See pipe relining in action, watch our videos.