Grease Will Stop ANY Drain!

Use Grease Release to Prevent Disruptions

A build up of grease in drains is a very common occurrence, especially in commercial situations e.g. Restaurants. Grease once it cools in the drain goes rock hard and will prevent the drain from flowing.

How it works:

Grease Release is a specially formulated non toxic liquid. It penetrates even the hardest grease build ups, breaks down the grease particals and prevents them from sticking to each other. This forms a grease sludge which can now be removed from the drain.

The Process:

  • The Drainage system is cleaned with super high pressure water.
  • Once the Drain is partially flowing, we introduce Grease Release to the high pressure water.
  • The Grease release is left to soak in and breakdown the Grease inside the drain.
  • Once the Grease Release has done it's job, a final high pressure clean removes all the grease sludge.
  • 6-12 months later, the drain is cleaned again with Grease Release to prevent any further grease build up.

Grease Release will save you Downtime!

  • Avoid costly and sometimes embarrassing downtime to your premises.
  • Keep your drains more reliable, preventing emergency callouts.